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Coaching Philosophy

“As I kid I played just about every sport I heard of. That means, I had all manner of coaches – some great, some I wouldn’t care to see again.  I aim to be not only the sort of coach that can help an individual improve his or her skills, but also the type of coach that inspires that individual to give it their all, and be their best on and off the water.


I insist upon taking a positive approach. From a lifetime of sports, and over a decade of coaching skiing, I have never seen negativity create the best outcome.  When we are out on the lake, your passion is my passion. Nothing gets me more fired up than helping somebody succeed who wants it badly enough apply their best effort. 


I try to make every lesson highly personal, and meet the student right where he or she is.  If talking technical is your thing, let’s dive into the details. If you are a big picture person, let’s keep the concepts broad, and make sure you have the big picture right. If you need to understand rhythm or body mechanics, let’s talk about those things in the water and on the dock. The more you communicate with me, the more I can give you the information you need. More than anything, I want to ensure that our time skiing together is enjoyable and rewarding for both parties.” 

 Clinics At Your Lake

If you can’t make it to Bumpass, consider having Corey at your home site. He can bring Radar Demos, sage ski secrets, a strong work ethic and some laughs.  Corey’s standard rates are $1,000 for a full day clinic or $600 for a half day in addition to travel expenses, room and board. 


Perhaps the best possible option is to meet up with Corey for an off season getaway.  Escaping the cold for some wintertime shredding is an essential part of Corey’s training and coaching career. Have you ever considered Ski Paradise Acapulco or Waterski Costa Rica or are you thinking of a return trip? Corey has spent over 60 weeks in Acapulco and has been making mid-winter jaunts to Costa Rica since 2012.


He’ll provide top-notch instruction while you are in the water, and serve as a fun travel partner and tour guide on land. The best vacation of your life may be waiting for you in one of these places

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