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Summer is Here!

Well, Mother Nature gave us a lesson in patience this year, but the reward is sweet. After a weekend in the 90's our water temperature in Bumpass hit 78 degrees! We are out of neoprene entirely and the skiing is superb! The usual suspects around here have been off to an incredible start this season. Could the it be the 2018 Radar Vapors? The offseason training? Coincidence? In any case, the change of seasons is just in time for the exciting new events that are just about to take place at The Bum Pass Water Ski Club.

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Radar Nation Day

First, we'll be hosting a Radar Nation Day this Saturday. Brooks Wilson is coming to town and bringing a bunch of Radar skis, boots and other gear to skiers to try out. Radar is sponsoring everyone's ski sets for the day, as well as snacks, drinks and a big BBQ lunch. We set a 20 skier max, to give everyone a personal experience and we filled those slots in no time. I'm sorry for those who weren't able to make it or who didn't hear about the event until after it filled. I would still love to set up a time for you to come out and try some of the new products.

The 2018 line of skis is absolutely on fire. I'll have demos available all throughout the summer and can you find just the ski for you. With 16 skis in the lineup, Radar literally has the right ski for everyone, and often at a price point that would leave you pleasantly surprised.

The Buskey Cider Cup

FINALLY! After years of dreaming and scheming about hosting a tournament and/or a festival on this beautiful piece of land, we have worked up the nerve and we're going for both in one! The Buskey Cider Cup is part FUN tournament and part day festival. We're taking 40 skiers and offering one round of six guaranteed passes (even if you fall). We're not judging gates or high scores. We'll have judges keeping notes for the 5 awards: 1) Best Performance 2) Best Crash 3) Smoothest Pass 4) Scrappiest Pass 5) Most Creative Performance. Registration is still open and available online. Sign up here! The laid back action on the water will be complimented by an equally fun and laid back scene on land.

We'll have Sandtopia Food Truck from Goochland providing lunch and dinner; River City Kettle Corn on site for snacks, and of course our event partner, Buskey Cider will keep the good stuff flowing all afternoon and into the night. We also plan to have lawn games set up; I'm looking into a moon bounce, and we'll have live music starting in the afternoon. Juno Brown will be playing acoustic covers and originals. Then, after the awards are presented, "Secondhand Souls" will rock the night away from about 7pm-11pm.

The party doesn't stop there. Join us for Sunday Funday! Buskey will be offering coffee from Lamplighter of Richmond first thing in the morning. Our dear friend, Felicia will be offering a yoga class at 9am. If you are riding a beautiful wave after the yoga class, you can join Juno Brown's meditation/chanting workshop to reach full transcendence. Of course we'll have the boat back out and running too, so everyone can just ski their faces off as usual.

Whether you want to ski in the tournament, see the band, drink some cider or have a spiritual Sunday morning, I hope you will come out and join the community that will be coming together for the weekend. I could not be more excited to be making this step, and I hope that it's something we can grow year after year. Tickets are currently $7 online and will be $10 the day of. Skiers do not need to purchase tickets, as they are a part of the tournament entry fee. Visit our Facebook event page for more info and for the link to buy tickets: THE BUSKEY CIDER CUP

New PLW Merchandise!

It's in! Just in time for summer! We went big this year and got all kinds of new stuff: Posters, Zipper Hoodies, A Special Design for the Ladies, Kids T's and 3/4 Sleeves, Tank Tops for guys and girls, Our First Tie Dye, a Baby Onesie and even some Ladies Undies.

We had a lot of fun coming up with new designs for 2018 and finding fun products to put them on. Of course, all of the artwork is by Amelia. It is really original and one of a kind. I won't go on and on about it here. Check it out for yourself and support Peace, Love & Waterskiing. Click HERE.

It'll Be June Soon!

Summer means that time is going to fly! Our B&B calendar and ski calendar is starting to fill up. Contact me soon to schedule some time on the water in Bumpass, and/or a stay with us at The Ski & B. That reminds me, please follow our new Insta account - @ski_and_b for peaks into what that experience is like. You can always email me at to book lessons and stays with us.

It looks like our Overnight Jr. Development Clinic is full. Woohoo! Don't forget there will be a series of one-day Junior clinics here in Bumpass. You can find the dates and info about these clinics HERE.

We're excited to host several women's clinic days too. We are starting to pin those dates down on our calendar, so stay tuned for more info soon. For now, I have to rush out the door and pull one of those water skiing women! Peace and Love, Corey

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