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Off We Go!

Holy smokes! April 1 kicked things off and we have been up and rolling non-stop since!

If you haven't been on the scene, we have a new boat, Kuz is back in town, we held a boat driving class, we've had awesome guests visiting, and the regulars have been getting after it! We've been keeping a helluva pace for April and I love it!

NEW Peace, Love & Waterskiing GEAR IS IN!

Head to the online store to snag a few of these and see the rest of the PLW collection!

Coming soon: The Buskey Cider Cup!

While you are right here, why not go ahead and sign up.

Buskey Cider Cup - Fun Class Skiing (all levels) and Day Festival - May 27

Buskey Class C - 2 Rounds of Slalom to kick off the tournament season - May 28

Come let it all hang out. Be silly on the water and have fun on land with us for the day. Ski in costume, bust out a spectacular crash, enjoy delicious cider and some yummy food too. In the past, serving a good lunch and dinner has been our greatest challenge. This year Buskey is taking it on and bringing their own chef and concession tent. So plan to come hungry and thirsty and plan to stay into the evening. We'll be skiing all day with the top skiers going off the dock around 5pm. Live music, dinner, awards, live music and bonfire to follow!

Topher, Collin and Mason will be back by Buskey! AJ and Robbie have already been coming out to work weekends and will be more involved after school lets out. Collin and Topher will be in the boat daily through June and ski school will be in full swing!

On the Business Front...

I have been resisting the idea and trying to hold out, but I am going to have to make a small rate increase for lessons. I'm sure everyone is aware of inflation and the rising cost of seemly everything - gas, insurance, boats... I'm talking about a $5 change, so hopefully nothing prohibitive. Moreover, if you are reading this, go ahead and buy a 10 pack of lessons at the current price. The increase will go into effect as of May 1, so put some sets in the bank at the current price. It has been a joy to see everyone who has come out so far. Conversations and camaraderie picked up right where they left off in the fall. It almost feels like we never stopped. I'll be looking forward to seeing more and more of my ski family as the weeks go on.

Love and Happiness, Corey

P.S. A recent cute photo of the young Bumpassian...

Seth loves cheering on skiers. Honestly, it's likely more effective for a good run than my coaching. I know it helps me. In this photo, you can make out that he is throwing the fist for "Joooooooeee!" I know it's working, because Joe is skiing great!

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