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2019 To the Max!

Hello dear friends of the waterski world! I hope the young new year is finding and treating you well. 2018 finished on an incredible note for me and Amelia (A.K.A My Wife!). After getting married on October 20, we managed to stretch our honeymoon straight into the New Year. Really, we are trying to keep that honeymoon state of mind and being ongoing, and so far so good! We got to begin 2019 in Costa Rica with some time at the beach and some time at Waterski Costa Rica! And 2019 is just getting started!

On to matters of skiing! Although it's cold and rainy in Bumpass today, here are some fun opportunities that involve skiing in the warm sunshine...

Join me for a week at Ski Paradise in Acapulco.

I am really excited to be returning to a place where I made so many fond memories and great friends. A few of these friends are already signed up, but I just learned today that plenty of space remains! The dates are March 16-23. It's really the ideal time of year to get a jump on the season.

That little refresher course will put you on the right track as you get ready to start the season at home. Oh, and Gordon and Gabriella's 5-star food and accommodations are not a bad place to get things started. Ski Paradise is absolutely an all levels kind of place. People learn to ski here every year, so don't feel like you have to be a seasoned skier. Plus, since I lived there, I'll try to show you a few of my favorite spots. You can visit for more info and to help talk yourself into it..

Radar Nation Day Returns to Bumpass:

The Buskey Cider Cup is Back!!!

Bumpass' "funnest" fun tournament is sanctioned and in the works for its second year! For those who came last year, you know it's a fun day of skiing, hanging out with friends and enjoying delicious Buskey Cider. If you didn't make it last year, I hope you can check it out this JUNE 8! Again all ages and abilities are welcome to compete for one of six prizes: 1) Smoothest Pass 2) Scrappiest Pass 3) Best Crash 4) Best Performance 5) Most Creative Performance 6) Best Dressed. Mini Course Available. Sign up online by clicking the Buskey logo on the right --->

"Hot Bumpass Nights" - Wednesday Evening Water Ski League at the PLW Training Center

Come out for the fun and friendly competition in this 10 week summer ski league. All ages and abilities are welcome. Competition will be based on a simple personal handicap system. Mini course available. Your five best scores out of 10 potential league nights will be used for the season placement. Top 3 league skiers will earn a prize! See flyer below and contact me to sign up - h20SkiJunkie@gmail,com


Dates: May 15, 22, 29; June 5, 12, 26; July 10, 17; August 21, 28 Final

Time: 3pm – 8pm. We will try to organize the running order based upon people’s availability and sign ups (see ‘Notes’).

Format: The league will meet on Wednesday evenings through the heart of Virginia’s water ski season. 10 dates have been identified as definite league nights. No need to attend every week. Scores will be cumulative over the season with the top 5 performances counting toward each skier’s final score. Each week, skiers will be granted six passes (or two falls). Only one score will be recorded for each skier each week. The skier DOES NOT have to run up the rope in succession (can miss a pass and continue). However, to achieve a score at a higher speed or shorter rope, the skier must complete the pass prior. Ex. A skier must complete a 30mph pass before being scored at 32mph. An individual handicap will be established based upon the skier’s top score on their first night of league skiing. The skier will build upon his/her score by gaining a higher score in subsequent Wednesday performances. Ex. If a skier runs 4 @ 26mph on their first day in the league, and then runs 1@28mph the next league night, that would be a score of +3 in the cumulative scoring. There will be no negative scoring, meaning scoring less than your baseline score will not subtract from your cumulative score. Each skier’s 5 best scores above their handicap will be used to create a cumulative season total. Prizes will be given to the top 3 skiers in the league with the winner taking the grand prize (TBD).All levels welcome. Mini course available. Make it fun: We will have an open grill to use. Bring food, drinks and lawn games!

Fees: $250 per skier to join the league and then $25 per set. (Includes league t-shirt)

Max # of skiers in the league: 17 skiers

Notes: Once registered (we have received your payment), we will send you a confirmation email with a link to a Google Drive folder with a calendar of league nights and a spreadsheet to keep track of scores for the league. On the calendar you will be able to sign up for a running order slot (if you want). Others will ski on a first come, first serve basis.

Lots of fun to come. Looking forward to seeing all of you around a lake sometime soon.

All the best,


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