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BOOM - It's Ski Season in VA!

I can't decide whether this picture should be called "Fun in Acapulco" or "Acapulco Gold." Either phrase would caption the image and would also capture the week I had there. Aside from the great daily routine, great company and special experiences, this trip reminded me of the strong relationships I have in ACA. I returned home with full heart and a mind full of old and new memories alike. I'll be totally psyched to go back next year for more. Thank you to everyone who made this a special trip - you know who you are. But this sunrise has a second meaning... It's the dawn of a new ski season at home!

Yes... This amazing place, where we do this amazing sport.... It's time to fire it up for 2019. The weather forecast is showing mid 70's for this coming weekend (April 6-7). So we are going to uncover the brand new ProStar. Drop it in. Take a rip and start pulling skiers at the Bum Pass Water Ski Club. I can't believe how fast the summer calendar is filling up - especially for the Ski&B. Start planning some ski time for yourself in Bumpass and get in touch with me to set it up. It's so nice to be at this point of the season - blank slate and no limits. It will start flying by as it always does, so come early and come often. Make 2019 the most fun summer you've ever had on a freakin' water ski!

Click the Buskey Logo to sign up for the Second Annual "Buskey Cider Cup" - VA "Funnest" Tournament!

Sign up for "HOT BUMPASS NIGHTS" Wednesday Waterski League

Wednesday May 15 will be the first of 11 Wednesday evening fun tournaments at the Bum Pass Water Ski Club. Skiers will set a "baseline handicap" and then ski against it all season. The most improved skiers will win awards at the end of the season. The league fee is $250 to enter and then $25 per set each Wednesday. This price includes T-shirt, good times, new friends, an open grill and lots of great memories to be made. There is more detailed info in my last blog if you are interested. Email to sign up. Oh, and tell your friends to join too!

Other News Flashes...

Dylan Smith will be the assistant coach and driver at the PLW Training Center this summer. We're STOKED!

Junior Development Dates are set for June 17-19. We have a seriously talented group of coaches lined up, but could always use additional coaching support, especially from Jr. Development alumni. Contact me if you would like to be involved with Virginia's most important water ski tradition.

Get Equipped. If you need new gear for the season, let me take care of you. I'll have new Peace, Love & Waterskiing merch coming out soon. Meanwhile, let's get you all of the right ski stuff - gloves, vest, boots, ski, ropes, handles, ski cases, etc. Email me at for friendly service, recommendations and to handle your order. Anything from can be yours through your local dealer (me).

LKA Rippers is a new water ski and water sports club for enthusiastic skiers and riders on Lake Anna. There aren't many USA WaterSki affiliated clubs operating on public water but I've been really excited about the new folks who have contacted me, eager to sign up. The purpose of the club is to help skiers meet one another, make new friends and ski buddies, help people who need a pull find one and to offer USAWS's liability insurance to recreational skiers by bringing them into the organization through the club structure. Our numbers are small so far, but passion is high! If you or anybody you know likes to get after it on LKA, email me to join up. Like our "Lake Anna Rippers" Facebook page too!

That's it! Now get your ski out of the closet and come SHRED!

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