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Covid-19 and the 2020 Ski Season

Welp... This current situation is not good in a lot of ways... My last blog post was all optimism. I was looking ahead to a fresh season and all of the potential that it holds. Amazing how much can change in such a short time. There are many interesting conversations that spin off of this piece of history we find ourselves in, and I hope I still get to engage with many of you in such a conversation. Most of all I hope you all, my ski family, are staying healthy, happy and strong. If our greatest losses this year will be our ski tournaments and some sets (and some money), we must still count ourselves fortunate for keeping our health and that of our loved ones.


On the tournament front. I am sad to announce that we will be postponing the 3rd Annual Buskey Cider Cup until 2021. It's a bummer but holding an event with 200 passionate skiers is simply not prudent or responsible for next month. Not to worry, we'll be back with a bigger and better event than ever next year.

Thank you to everyone who registered early. I am glad to offer a full refund upon request. However, if you would like, you may use your entry fee as a credit for a lesson here at ski school (that gives you a slight discount on the lesson price). If you know that you'll be in for the 3rd Buskey Cider Cup in 2021, I can apply your payment to that event.

On a related note, if you are a fan of Buskey Cider and live in Virginia, Buskey is probably delivering to your door. They are hustling to keep growing their company through this tough time and bringing you the refreshing cider varieties you love. You can click the logo above to setup a delivery order right to your door. Radar Nation Day The other event we had scheduled in May was the RadarNation Day, which will also have to be cancelled this year. However, I will still have a full line of Radar Skis for demo and can help you test a new ski on a safe one on one basis. Day to Day

I will continue offering daily lessons here in Bumpass, where we are about as socially distanced and quarantined as one can get. So far, we have not had more than 8 people at the lake at any one time and will continue to keep this number under 10. Even with 315 acres to spread out, we ask that everyone remain mindful and respectful of everyone else's space. We have implemented a number of protocols to keep risk at a minimum such as: - No passengers in the boat. - No non-skiers on the dock. - We have gloves, soap and sanitizer on hand for everyone's use. - Please bring your own PPE as well. - All skiers will ski back to the dock, not board the boat. Hopefully with these measures we can still find our sense of community and enjoy our favorite activity. The outdoor setting and vigorous exercise will certainly do us good, as well as the friendly faces from six feet away. Stay healthy, use this time to build strength and no matter what the competitive season brings, let's remain the close knit community that we are. Peace and Love, Corey

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