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May Be Time to Swerve

April has come and gone already? What?! It has been an amazing kickoff to the season here in Bumpass, good weather and good people have made this our best start yet. Thank you to all that have come out. We've already had two people learn to slalom, including, Nikole, in the chilly water on opening weekend. We've made some new friends and seeing familiar faces has felt like a family reunion. Indeed, it is. We've had some big, delicious pot luck dinners on the patio and bonfires that warm the toes and soul. We also have a new driver in training...

The Buskey Cider Cup Thank you for those who have already registered for the Buskey Cider Cup and Buskey Class C. We still have plenty of spots available but we do expect to fill. The entry deadline before a late fee is 5/21, so get those entries in.

Here are links to the sign up page: Buskey Cider Cup (FUN - June 4) - Buskey Class C (Competitive - June 5) . The same format will be back in its 4th year: All day skiing, Buskey Cider, Food Truck, Live Music, Awards, Bonfire. We like to think it's the perfect kickoff to the VA ski season. Hope to see you there!

New Merch is in the Shop! For those who haven't seen Amelia's latest creation, here it is:

We made a social media

post and got blown up with orders! These shirts won't make it through the summer, but they are in the shop now! We have new PLW towels too. For those who won't be making it here, you can order these items from our online store - PLW Pro Shop. For those who will be visiting the physical store, Amelia also got us set up with a credit card reader! You can now buy your ski gear and PLW swag with plastic (about time right?).

May Be Time to Get Out Here

The Ski Lodge and Cabin are almost fully booked for the month of May, but we still have ample lesson time available on the calendar. If you have been waiting for warmer weather, check out these temps for the first week of May! Our current water temp is 70 degrees and on the warm sunny days, we've already been skiing with no wetsuit or top. Now is the time to lay the foundation for your whole season. I can't over-emphasize the importance of getting coaching early in the season, rather than waiting until you have re-cemented your normal habits. The same is true for upgrading equipment - the sooner the better. Finally, if you are planning a trip here for June or July, and want to stay on site, I would recommend booking in the next week or two. May booked out two weeks ago and I know the summer months are going to be hoppin'. Just picture your day - skiing hard, perhaps visiting a local winery, sharing a big meal with new or old friends and then retiring to your room with a view of the lake for some...

Watch Pro Skiing! Oh and I almost forgot. The first stop of the Pro Waterski Tour is this Sunday! I won't be hitting this one (too early in the season), but tune in for an amazing webcast and incredible Men's and Women's Pro Slalom. Watch the webcast for this one and follow the whole season at: If you haven't noticed, the webcasts have gotten AMAZING thanks to TWBC. Following the sport and engaging with these broadcasts is one of the best ways to promote the sport and support pro skiers. Peace and Love, everybody. I hope to ski you soon! Corey

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29 abr 2022

Thanks for this, Corey. I can't wait to get back there for more!

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