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One Month Countdown!

Who's ready for some of this???

I don't know about everyone else, but this warm weather has given me a yearnin' for some turnin'. I've sprinkled a little skiing into my winter, but it's going to be a great feeling to start in earnest and not look back. The season officially kicks off in Bumpass on April 1 and everyone is invited to come start the season with us on opening weekend. The booking calendar is open and ready to start accepting reservations!

Can't make opening weekend? That's okay, figure out your own opening day and schedule the start of your season. If you want to book a stay with us, The Ski Lodge and Cabin are both ready for you. We have some April bookings already, so lock in your spot. You are welcome to use the links above to the Airbnb page. However, I recommend using those just to see the space being offered, and check the availability. Then email me directly - to book your trip. Airbnb charges you extra fees, and does the same to me. I'd rather you use your budget for time on the water.

One last note on the season's kickoff: Kuz will be coming to town about a week after we open, so you are stuck with just me for the first week or so. You can make your bookings with me right HERE. Unless you are a Premium Member, that is, if you are a member, you know where to go for your discounted service menu.

A Premium Member, you say? Can I be a member? What does that entail?

Yes. Yes. And Yes! The membership option has been a great choice for our regulars and "frequent fliers." The membership involves a $300 annual fee, which you pay through the website. You can then create an account/login and access the members only page. On that page, lessons are available at a 20% discount. In addition, you get 20% off of stays in our lodging and 20% off of everything in the pro shop. If you plan on buying new equipment or taking regular lessons, the membership can pay for itself pretty quickly. Member or not, you are going to get the same top notch service every time.


1) Opening Weekend. April 1-2. Sign up NOW!

2) Boat Driver Training Day. April 15.

This training will involve an all-levels classroom portion, explaining everything from basics (docking, picking up a fallen skier, etiquette) to advanced short-line and tournament driving techniques, mindset and sure path. Each participant will be given the chance to drive the boat with one on one coaching, as well. To sign up, book a Ski Lesson with Corey on 4/15 and put "Driver Training" in the memo. Once all of the lessons are booked for that day, the clinic is full. We will need skiers, so if you sign up, you can bring your skiing child, spouse or friend as your guinea pig. They can take the classroom training too, but won't get time at the wheel. Note this clinic is not for USAWS credit.

3) The Buskey Cider Cup and Buskey Class C. May 27 and May 28.

The Buskey Cider Cup is back in its 5th year and is ALL FOR FUN. A perfect event for those who are curious about tournament skiing and may want to try their first. We'll have prizes for Best Crash, Smoothest Pass, Scrappiest Pass, Best Performance and "Best Dressed." Each skier gets 6 passes to do their best in any or all of these categories. Hang out and enjoy some Cider, Lawn Games, Live Music and a Bonfire. We'll have a food truck on site too, so bring the whole family. Sign up here for the "funnest" fun-tournament anywhere.

The Buskey Class C kicks off the "official" tournament season in Virginia. Put a score in the book and give yourself a mark to beat for the season by registering here.

4) Junior Development Clinic - The greatest tradition in the Eastern Region continues this June 19-21. If you have kids who are tournament skiers or want to become tournament skiers, you want to sign them up for this camp. Contact Tony or Amanda Quimper for details and registration: or

There will be plenty more to announce as we start the season but I think that's enough for today. I hope everyone has been having a fulfilling off-season and I look forward to the big family reunion that is coming as we all start to make our way back to the lake for hugs, laughs, leans and turns. Peace and Love, Corey

P.S. As has become tradition, I leave you with a picture of Seth...

He's training for a big season. I hope you are too!

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