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Return of The Kuz

He's back! The season is picking up momentum and Mike (The Kuz) Kusiak is arriving in Bumpass right on time!

I keep hearing what a great time folks had skiing with Kuz last fall and the calendar is already getting populated with returning skiers. With two pro coaches to ski with, availability should be broader than ever before. I have a handful of skiers signed up for this Sunday, 4/25, but Kuz assured me that he's ready for all comers. So if you want to get out this Sunday, jump on the schedule and book a lesson with Kuz.

A note about bookings: Many of you will be looking to schedule a particular date and time based on your own schedule. When you go to book, you may find that if you go to "Lesson with Corey" that time is not available. That doesn't mean you can't ski at that time, it just means that must be Kuz's shift. If you back up and go to "Lesson with Kuz" that's where you'll find your timeframe. Of course, for Premium Members, this means booking through "Lesson with Staff Coach". I'm here via email, too, to help as we all get used to the new booking system. The good thing is that with more helping hands, we'll be able to offer sets all day. Noon - 2pm each day will be blocked off so the coach's get to ski too, but we aim to keep the boat running the rest of the day to accommodate the growing number of skiers in Virginia and within our network. I will begin to take weekends off by the end of May, but Kuz will continue offering lessons on Saturday mornings from 8am - noon and maybe some Sunday mornings too. The Buskey Cider Cup

Get your entries in this week before the $10 late fee goes into effect. I set a lower price on entries this year to encourage participation and to benefit those who sign up early. The price goes up $10 on May 1, so do yourself a favor and register now. Here are the links: Buskey Cider Cup (Fun) AND Buskey Class C

This event really kicks off the ski season in Virginia and is a ton of fun. We've got food, music, bonfire and drinks to add to the great day on the water. Sign up for both events and make a weekend of it! New PLW Gear

Since you are already here, head on over to the pro shop and check out the latest PLW Merch. Buy some for yourself and a friend to show your water ski passion and support the club. Below is a little preview of the new gear...

I hope everyone is doing well and excited about the start of the season. Time to go grab a set, myself. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Corey

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