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The 2021 Season!

Good news, skiers! We are just over a month away from returning to our favorite time of year. You all helped make 2020 a banner year here at ski school, despite the obvious challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. We are preparing for another great season, and with that there are a number of changes I need to point out. Because there are so many announcements, I'll make a series of blog posts to cover them all. For now, I'll try to stick to prioritize and stick the the most crucial updates first. Bookings are Now 100% Online! Opening day is April 3 and I will be running ski school every day through the month of April. If you want to book a session, you can now do it through this website. Find the "Book Now" widget on just about any of the pages or in the drop down menu under "Ski School". You can also click right here. I hope this new system makes booking easier and more efficient for everyone. I'm sure there will be some wrinkles to iron out, but be patient with me and I'll make sure you get all the skiing you want, when you want. Because we will have a bigger staff this year - more coaches and more drivers, I recommend only booking slots in April for right now while I firm up the coaching schedule for May and beyond. This will avoid any booking conflicts (i.e. booking a set with Corey at a time which will actually be serviced by Kuz or Topher). If you plan to ski here fairly regularly, you may want to buy a pricing plan for easier bookings and a volume discount. Better yet, you may consider becoming a premium member. Members pay $300 to join but then enjoy discounted lessons, sets and 20% off all purchases in the Pro Shop or the online store. While we wait for the water to warm up, check out the fresh changes to this website. Familiarize yourself with the new booking system and nail down your first set of the season! We will be closed on Weekends from June - mid-September, so book them while you can.

The Buskey Cider Cup is On!

We are going forward with the Third Edition of The Buskey Cider Cup. The main event will be a "Fun"/Novice tournament on May 29th. Each skier will get 6 passes (or 2 falls) to sway the judges in the following categories - 1) Best Performance 2) Best Crash 3) Scrappiest Pass 4) Best Dressed/Costume 5) Smoothest Pass. Buskey Cider will be here serving their delicious cider all day. We'll organize a cornhole tournament and a raffle with prizes. We hope to conclude the day with live music and a bonfire to keep the fun going, after the pros ski. Sign up for the Buskey Cider Cup here. This year, we will also introduce "The Buskey Class C" on May 30th. This will be an official AWSA Premier tournament for those looking to get a score in the books. It'll be two rounds of slalom for all participants. If time permits, we may add a fun shootout round for the top competitors of the day. Make a weekend of it and sign up for The Buskey Class C here. Covid-19

Both for this event and for daily activities of the ski school, we will be adhering to all state, AWSA and Club Covid Protocols. I want to thank everyone for their cooperation last year, respecting our policies and helping to keep everyone safe. To see our club protocols, view my prior blog post on the subject. Please take it upon yourself to protect others by staying home if you feel sick or have a fever and practicing social distancing, hand washing and masking (when appropriate) when you are here. Being outside at the lake and waterskiing is a great way to stay healthy and strong, but it takes all of us acting together to be safe. Let's continue to demonstrate what a caring community we are by looking out for one another and maintaining best practices.

Oh, Baby!

Just one more announcement to share - Amelia and I are expecting a baby boy this July! We couldn't be more thrilled about this new life. Moreover, we are deeply honored that Baby Seth will be born into this wonderful community of skiers and friends. I thought I didn't get enough sleep last summer - look out!

In preparation for a busy summer, I'm taking on more staff and hoping that the online booking system saves administrative time and allows me to set a more balanced schedule for myself and staff members. More on that next time. Every year, I struggle to imagine how this waterski fantasy could get any better or richer, yet it seems to find a way. Let's all plan on 2021 being the best season yet and I look forward to seeing you all soon. PLW, Corey

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Congratulations Corey and Amelia. Can't wait to meet baby Seth. You guys are writing a beautiful story!

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