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The Kuz Comes to Bumpass

It has been a wild summer, my friends. Waterskiing is booming and that doesn't appear to be slowing down as we start rolling through yet another month. The Bum Pass Water Ski Club has been experiencing record numbers of skiers and we want to keep everyone enjoying time on the water, getting good exercise and promoting good health in these strange times. It is, therefore, with great excitement that I am announcing a special guest coach here from September 23 - October 12 - Mike Kusiak (AKA: The Kuz). Kuz is one of the best career water ski coaches in the country, or anywhere in the world for that matter. He is the current resident coach at Ski Paradise Acapulco and has been a pro ski coach for the last 15 years. After spending a few seasons on the pro tour and making the rounds on the Bid Dawg tour, Kuz has dedicated himself full time to coaching. I am proud that we offer a world class experience here in Bumpass, and I would not entrust the sacred duty of coaching here to just anyone. With Kuz, however, it's a no brainer. He will be like a fish in water here and this is an opportunity that I encourage everyone to take advantage of. Mike has done stints of coaching in California, Colorado, Charleston, Michigan and has helped with our Virginia Jr. Development Clinic for the past few years. But this will be the first time he is widely available in Virginia for an extended period of time. Don't miss out on some world class coaching and the enthusiastic, personal attention you are accustomed to here at The Bum Pass Water Ski Club. You can book lessons directly with me as usual by emailing me at It looks like I will finally get a tournament season, albeit brief and almost entirely in Florida. I was nervous for what this would mean for the steady flow of skiers coming through Bumpass to enjoy the world's best socially distanced sport. After Kuz agreed to step in, I could rest assured that my regulars would be in good hands and that any newcomer would get a grade A experience. Don't be shy. Hit me up to get on the schedule and "friend" Mike on Facebook if you would like to introduce yourself. As for me, I'd better head to bed. I have a solid lineup of skiers starting at 8:30am tomorrow, and if all goes to plan, I'll be leaving for the Malibu Open tomorrow afternoon. Ciao! Corey

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