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Welcome Bienvenidos 환영 أهلا بك Vítejte

The sun has gone down on another ski season and nearly another year. As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself eager to burst into the new year with zeal for all of its fresh promise. First, however, I'm trying to tie up any loose ends to ensure that I gave my best to 2017. Getting this website launched was definitely one of the key boxes to check. A huge thanks to Mark Gosling of "First Among Websites" for all of the design work. This sort of thing isn't my forte, but he translated my vision for a site into a reality.

Plus, I don't want to lurch too far ahead. We still have Christmas coming right up! Take a little look in this site's shop for some last minute gifts or perfect stocking stuffers! So yes, one of this sites key functions is commercial. I hope this site helps me spread Peace, Love & Waterskiing merchandise and Radar Skis all over the world. If it can also help promote my promo boat, coaching services, B&B and sponsors that will be a big help too. More than slingin' shirts, skis, stickers and swag, I want to use this site to push a positive message and create exposure for our beloved sport. In line with the original PLW mission, profits from sales revenue will continue to benefit specific charities. Our main beneficiary will remain The Marsh Children's Home, and we'll also support the ASPCA and Room To Read.

I also aim to use this site as a platform to connect with friends far and wide too. When I meet people on the road, they may well forget my name, but I hope they remember Peace, Love & Waterskiing and stumble into me here. I'll try to keep these blog posts entertaining and engaging. I'll try to offer perspectives from tournaments and travel, as well as ski tips and updates on what's happening in Bumpass.

Speaking of which, there is still space available for my first week at Waterski Costa Rica from January 6-13. I'm sure I'll have some fun photos and an inside scoop from that trip. I'll also be setting some February dates soon for coaching and training at The Boarding School in Orlando. I was just there for 10 days, including the Buoys, BBQ and Beer tournament. It was an absolute blast and a perfect place for winter training. I'd recommend it for winter tune up for anyone who is going into withdraw after being off the water for too long. A little mid-winter swerving will keep you on target for the 2018 ski season.

I know there will be a lot of fun events to announce right here in Bumpass in 2018. This past season Amelia and I started operating a B&B to accommodate out of town skiers traveling to Bumpass. It was a smashing success, and we look forward to more in 2018. We also hosted a number of junior clinics, as well as an awesome women's clinic. We plan to do even more of these in the coming year!

I'll leave it there for now. Please enjoy exploring the new site and feel free to leave some feedback! I hope this holiday season is a warm and wonderful one, even if you live somewhere cold. Most of all, I look forward to seeing and skiing with you in 2018 - hopefully soon!

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