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The Final Countdown

Only 4 more days until a new ski season kicks off in Virginia! It is no surprise that the first two skiers to sign up for the season were Charlie and Jody. My two most dedicated students will be joined by some of my best friends - Paul, Ellie, Vice and Nikole. Of course Amelia and I are going to rip it too. Who else will come and be counted in the opening weekend crew? SIGN UP

Speaking of being counted. Who will be the first to register for The Buskey Cider Cup and Buskey Class C? It's cool to be second or even third. What's not cool is waiting until the week before and paying a late registration fee...

Staying and Skiing

Thank you to those who jumped right in and planned your spring ski trips to Bumpass. April and May are filling in quite nicely with out of town guests! If you want to slide in a ski trip this spring or lock down a visit in June. Now is the time to set it up.

Wake up to a view of the lake. Enjoy a cup of coffee, stretch out and then shred hard! See my prior blog post for links to more pictures of the lodging facilities. Also on my prior blog, you will find info on other special events this spring and summer. The Driver's Training Day on April 15 is FULL. Thank you to those who signed up. I'll be getting an email to participants soon with details.


I am trying to focus on keeping gratitude in my foreground. When I pause, I realize just how much I have to be thankful for. Somehow, I still spend a lot of my time forgetting

just how fortunate I am moment to moment. One of the things I am most grateful for is this slice of heaven where I live, ski, and run this flourishing ski school. Honestly, it is beyond my wildest childhood fantasies and dreams to be exactly where I am today. None of this would be possible without the support and blessing of the Whitlock family. Therefore, on behalf of myself, my family and everyone who enjoys this amazing place I would like to say a deep and resounding "Thank you."

What else is there to say? Just come and ski!

Oh of course, a picture of Seth...

Family fun at Maymont Park for Amelia's birthday! PLW, Corey

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