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Hooray! It's May!

A Strong Start on all Fronts

April happened fast; didn't it? Although it raced by, April provided us with a strong start to the 2019 Ski Season. The Ski & B has never been so busy and set a new record of 11 guests in 11 days! We are seeing some new faces already this year, and are delighted to be seeing the familiar faces of friends after the long off-season. We are looking forward to seeing many more, but also filling up fast. If you want to book a room at the Ski & B this summer, don't wait. Email me at

On the skiing side, that water in Bumpass has been over 70 since April 15. The new ProStar has been running great, and everyone who has come out is building a nice foundation for their season. Amelia and I got to test our progress so far by coming to Florida for a couple of tournaments. Amelia ran 2@28 off (one buoy shy of her tournament PB yesterday) and I managed a 3@41 at the Swiss Spring Classic, which makes me happy for this time of year.

Speaking of a strong start. I need to give a shoutout to my fitness coach, Jenny Labaw.

If any of you skiers reading this don't know Jenny, well... you might want to. Jenny is a world class Crossfit athlete, having once finished 6th in the World Crossfit games. She has also run 500 miles clear across the state of Colorado (yes over the Rockies) in a month to raise awareness of epilepsy. Aside from these incredible accomplishments, Jenny is simply an inspirational person. She has a passion for fitness the way many of us do for water skiing and loves to share that passion as a coach. As a skier, you may know her as Marcus Brown's girlfriend. The bottom line is that she has helped me get into the best shape of my life this year. Her knowledge of water skiing, fitness, recovery and nutrition are equalled by her constant support and encouragement.

After doing her kickstart challenge and a couple of her monthly programs last year, I knew this could be my ticket to a new level. I know Jenny has a couple more openings for personal one-on-one coaching, which I fully recommend. If you want to just dip your toe in the water, however, check out her website - and consider doing one of the 28 day challenges or joining her online gym for a month. I really can't say enough about what an impact Jenny has made on my fitness coming into the season and how much I value knowing that I'm far more likely to be able to push my limits on the ski this summer with little fear of injury.

The Buskey Cider Cup

Mark that calendar - JUNE 8! Ski your heart out. Support a charity. Compete in cornhole. Enjoy a fresh cider. Let the kids run, jump and swim. Listen to the live music. Whether you are skiing or just want to hang out, come enjoy the day with us. Make some new friends and see those that you've missed since last ski season. Get Buskey!

Thank you to those who have already signed up. We have plenty of spots remaining at the moment and sign ups are easy: Register online and secure your spot!

Hot Bumpass Nights

Speaking of sign ups... The Response to our Wednesday Evening Ski League has been underwhelming so far. I know I threw it out there before your mind was on skiing, but now our first league night is coming right up on May 15. There will be 10 Wednesday league nights (culminating at the end of August) of which seven will count toward your league score. We need a few more people to get on board to really make this a fun social gathering each week. Here is what a hot Bumpass night looks like.... Can't you just feel the satisfaction - putting the ski in the car after a new PB, having a cookout on the dock with your Wednesday evening ski league amigos. You don't have to make it every week to make it worth your while. It's only $250 to join the league and then $25 per set on Wednesday nights! Email - for details and registration.

New PLW Merch is In!

Last but certainly not least, our 2019 Peace, Love & Waterskiing are here and they are sweet! Inspired by artwork Amelia and I saw on our honeymoon in Austin, TX we bring you the freshest PLW logo yet. We have three T-Shirt styles as well as new stickers! We've upped the quality on the T-Shirt for maximum comfort, style and a long life. (We feel like this design will be even more cool decades from now.)

Like what you see above or below? Click either one to be taken to the shop!

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