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It's On!

There's nothing quite like the dawn of a new ski season and the light is creeping over the horizon on this one! In fact, I went skiing right here in Bumpass yesterday and it was delightful! It was a trick set, which, like the global renewed interest in trick skiing is entirely Joel Poland's fault. If you aren't following @joelpoland on Instagram you are missing out. Our man, Mason, is here on his spring break from Clemson, helping to get everything ready for opening day. He took the first set of the year on the lake and it was a slalom set. He said, "the water's not bad." I had my doubts, but with a wetsuit, it was really quite nice. I stayed in after my tricking and adjusted all of the buoys to the perfect height. So now, the boat is running strong, the water is not too cold (65 degrees according to the boat), the buoys are all set - it's showtime. Who is in for opening weekend? We have plenty of spots left on April 2-3 and beyond. Check out that booking calendar and come kick off the season with us!

My last blog post contained info and sign up links for The Buskey Cider Cup and Buskey Class C, June 4 and 5, respectively. There is still plenty of time before the late fee cutoff, but if you know you're coming, it's a good time to lock it in and mark your calendar.

Tomorrow, Amelia, Seth and I head off to the Radar photoshoot for a week of doing fun stuff like this ----> We'll be back just one day before ski school starts, but we are ready! I'll be keeping up with emails if anyone needs help booking or setting up a visit and stay in the Ski Lodge or Cabin. We're starting to receive bookings for April and May, so plan your trip and reserve your lodging now.

I was going over my summer calendar, and realizing that I have a lot of travel planned for Pro Tour stops in July, August and September. Kuz will be coaching for almost the entire summer, and Collin and Topher will be back for July and early August. However, if you want to reserve some time with me, try to maximize the availability in April - June because after that, my availability will be limited in until October. Don't get me wrong, I'll be in the boat as often as I can through the middle of the summer, but my availability is broadest early in the season and late in the season. In my mind, early season is the most critical time to take lessons and formulate a foundation and a game plan for the season. My next article in The Waterskier Magazine will touch on this, along with several other early season tips. If you are in need of new gear for the start of the season, formulate your wishlist and touch base with me. The pro shop is pretty well stocked but I'm happy to ship if you are far away or if I won't see you for a while. Most of all, I'm just looking forward to seeing everybody. There are some overdue hugs to give and some lonely buoys that need to be turned. Peace & Love, Corey

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Lee Gotschalk
Lee Gotschalk
Mar 23, 2022

Good hearing from you. Great to see pictures of the little one!


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